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These designs provide pre-integrated solutions step by step the files for a variety of applications, associated documentation, and support can be found here: drawings for reference objective. This procedure describes how to build such as the u-boot bootloader for the target platform. Incorporated into the Xilinx design flow in the manual is described first steps build U-boot bootloader. Run all of the commands in your source-u-boot directory. The first step is the source to the destination to configure. Xilinx-u-boot is compatible with the following objectives: after the process of generation of the eleven destination to the submarine closed the file in the top-level is known source directory level, as submarine created. In addition, the directory is created the Mkimage utility ' ', the other tasks the images you boats used for wrapping. Therefore Mkimage in other sizes available, you can also add the tools directory on your $PATH. U boat offers read / flash and even transfer files over a network, if the hardware is present. Details on the basis of the building for MicroBlaze is included with the creation of the kernel page. Instructions to a root file system is located in the build and edit a page system master file. The kernel and the root filesystem must be encapsulated with a U-boats, U-boats, these files to the accept header. The Mkimage utility is used for this purpose, however, is not part of the GNU, MicroBlaze tools. Yes the same part of the submarine and you boat according to the instructions on this page has been updated, see < u - boot - > XLNX-strumenti compilation find. During the generation of Linux. am, as explained on the kernel side build of the kernel build process will automatically creates an additional image. UBsufijo. Linux. am. UB is the binary image of Linux is finished with a head of U boats. The Linux build process automatically starts Mkimage, therefore it is included the path important to the submarine in the PATH environment variable. The root file xilinx binary file system are required as follows also with a head of U-boats: U - boot > < addr > Bootmen < kernel + rootfs addr > < device directory BLOB (DTB) > addr. Note: Make sure that the kernel and the root filesystem image in the header of the submarines are encapsulated. The structure of devices that BLOB should be unsettled you boot with the header, .